Earthy Tones


Wearing: Sweater (Dotti), Shirt (FCUK), Pants & Bag (Zara), Shades (Mink Pink), Boots (Zu)

I really think that I'm incapable of posing properly, for the camera. I can never be one of those girls who stare sullenly at the camera (I always end up with hamster cheeks), and whenever I smile, I end up making a funny face just as my picture is taken! Hence, I always end up with a million dollars, horsey smile... But oh well, whatever that rocks my boat(;

Recently, I've been absolutely crazy about these brown boots of mine, that I wear it with almost everything! It's such a gorgeous brown, that I try to do it justice by wearing it with earthy tones; this old cropped sweater of mine have been sitting in my closet for months- I'm so glad that I've given it a new lease of life! x

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  1. those boots are absolutely awesome :) In fact I loove the whole outfit! :D