Hello Winter


Wearing: Trench Coat (Uniqlo), Shirt (Zara), Jeans (Miss Selfrige), Necklace (Lovisa), Bag (Mango), Boots (Zu)

It was officially the first day of winter last Saturday, and nothing could get gloomier than the cold, made colder by the rain. Of course, the pavement scattered with fallen yellow leaves was a sight for sore eyes; the photos really don't do it justice- but I love how the mustard yellow Mango bag (borrowed from my flatmate) go so well with this little bit of prettiness.  


  1. You are so pretty! LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR COAT.

    Do you dress up your build a bear? I get my bear's clothes there, actually.

  2. I mean it is summer in England atm but it might as well be winter! You look lovely, love your trench and boots such a classic combination! The splash of colour from you bag also cheers up the rainy scenery too!

    Gemma x


  3. Aw Ellie you look so pretty! It's so strange to think it's Winter over there now but then again, the weather in the UK doesn't feel the slightest bit Summery at the moment. Lots of rain today!

  4. You look ready for fall! Such a cute outfit! xo style, she wrote

  5. I love your coat! x

  6. great outfit! I love the coat.
    I'm so glad it's not winter here just yet =P

  7. lovely outfit (and umbrella) for such a cold day x is that UQ/St. Lucia? x love Brissie xx it was my home for a good year!

  8. How horrible has winter been in Brisbane ! you look so good all geared up in warm clothing!
    Need to invest in a nice coat for the winter battle ahead of us .