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Floral 2

This may seem like Blogger Suicide when you think about it... But oh well, I have to come right out and say that, nope, I'm not exactly the trendiest person you can find around. I have a uniform of pants and maxi skirts that I stick to, which I mix it up with what I feel comfy in. At the moment, it's sweaters, and 3/4 sleeved, dip hemmed blouses. So, it may seem a bit much, when I actually, genuinely, fell in love with the floral-on-floral look! (Jeez, come to think about it, I actually considered buying the entire floral pant suit from ASOS... Hmm.) So, being the ever rational/non-impulsive buying consumer; when I saw this floral shirt on eBay, I knew, that it's for me. I was a little worried that the chiffon would be of crap quality, but thank goodness, it isn't! The buttons may look a little funny... But I shan't be too bothered by it. I reckon it's about enough to tide me over my floral frenzy.

Go on, take a look, you know you want to(; x


  1. Lucky! That blouse is so gorgeous!


  2. That blouse is stunning!!


  3. hahah no worries girl! we're not celebrities who can prance around in fashionable clothing all day every day~ I have my own uniform too..probably just dark denim jeans or a v-neck t-shirt if i'm feeling lazy. feeling comfy yet staying true to our fashion sense is important! wowza that's a lot of floral lol. i like florals that are more subtle. i can see you wearing this top~ the floral print suits you! <3


  4. I think it looks amazing! I'm curious to see how you put it together (:

  5. Hi hi, sorry for the late reply. I am using iphone 4s camera and use instagram and photoshop to edit. I took pictures a lot so film is too expensive to do. Planning to get Dslr this week =D. I love this shirt. Seems a lot of bloggers are having it. Normally they pair it with a mismatch pattern.