The Start of Those Dusty Dreams... Yet Again.

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Recently, I have been contemplating about writing again; although writing, is a bit too much of a word to use. It almost seems like anyone with a computer and a blog could easily label themselves as a closet writer. I guess, what I'm doing with this space again, is to use it as a channel to chronicle my days, my thoughts and endless ramblings. This is what happens to you when you read Thought Catalog on a regular basis, with your morning coffee in the office. You feel that you've connected on a deeper level with essays about love, friends, life in general, that you are somehow empowered with the same level of wittiness, cynicism and the right words, to bring forth what you've got to say.

Still, I would want to use this as a platform to write. This blog was started as an avenue to keep "those dusty dreams" alive, my desire to write- I am now a PR girl, dealing with a range of F&B restaurants in Singapore.  What's that got to do with writing? Writing press releases and pitches are nothing like writing, per say. That is why, it is ever so important for me to keep my dreams alive in a small corner of my being.

There is nothing more therapeutic than scrawling my jumbled thoughts on paper, and the next best thing is for me to key my keyboard clacking away, as I strive to think of words that best fits my thoughts and emotions. So bear with me, as I try to be really disciplined with my therapy,  to try to keep up with those dusty dreams that I used to really care strongly about... And actually, still do, now.

And, to the certain special someone, thanks for reminding me that, I am actually semi-good, at this writing thing. And for encouraging me to do something that, I really enjoy, regardless of what actually comes out it.

Note: This was up in the skies... Somewhere between Shanghai and Singapore. I was trying to find a photo which best encapsulates how I feel; what I really want to express. There's something about being up in the skies with cotton candy clouds that... Makes you feel hazy, almost like you're in a dream-like state. I guess, this epitomizes what those dusty dreams is... Something so near, almost within your reach; then if you really hold on to it, you know you'd hold on tight. I know I will. 


  1. Ok I'm still here, reading your writing thing ;) xx

    1. My dearest babe; thanks so much... I know that you'd be my number one fan, reading my writing thing, regardless <3