Fridays' Interiors

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For someone who is always decked out in black, or white, (at this moment, I'm sitting in front of the computer in my work clothes, which hey, happened to be all black); I never thought that, I would gravitate towards colours and patterns when it comes to interior design. True, my bedroom isn't decked out in a kaleidoscope of colours... But I know that when it comes down to it, I'll wallpaper every room that is possible, in my future Not-So-Malibu-Barbie-Dreamhouse. I am exceptionally drawn to Rachelle Hrusk's zebra prints walls, which is completely out of place, since the striped critter is neither my favouritest, or second favourite animal for that matter. It just looks so bright and cheery, that... I'd love to wallpaper my room with zebras if I could. 

photo credits: the glow [Amy Smilovic, Rachelle Hrusk & Ferebee Taube]

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  1. I LOVE those red walls, they are really really beautiful!