Reflections from Pura Besakih.

Pura Besakih
Jalan Raya Besakih, Karangasem
Bali, Indonesia

Standing outside the Pura Besakih which dates back to almost 2000 years, you cannot help but stand in awe of its beauty and majesty. With Mt. Agung as its backdrop, the volcano serves as a looming protector of one of Bali's oldest, and most important temples. We were blessed with beautiful weather when we arrived at the Pura Besakih, and on that day, it also happened to the start of one of the important festivals that the Balinese were observing. Bali is known for the peace and tranquility it provides, and to see the locals go about in their colourful traditional costumes, it showed us a personal sanctuary that is a far-cry, from the sun, sand and sea, that is highly sought after by many, in the Island of Gods. 

Friends who know me will know that I've always been a dreamy idealist, a hopeless romantic; always indulging in reminiscence, always nostalgic for something, that was never mine to experience. To step on the cobbled paths that lead to the different temples, to brush my fingers along the walls that house the different gods, to stop for a moment, and breathe, and then to take in the sight of the valley before me, is what I revel in. My husband was always finding me trailing far behind him when we were here. No, the steep slopes and winding paths do not wind me out, but I was simply taking in the surrounding with my senses, seeing what countless devotees and travellers, have had before me, through my eyes, and then theirs. And at that moment, when you are basking in the presence of the countless who have passed through the holy ground, you do feel so small and dare I admit, irrelevant. 

And the beauty of this thread of thought is, perspective. It really does helps you to put yourself in perspective, how time do not revolve around you, how time will continue to tick, regardless of what is, and what may be. The only power we have over all of this, is how we choose to see things, and how we choose to feel, to make it worth the while, while we're all here, for the ride, momentarily.

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  1. love your bali post dear <3 u should upload more photos on your blog xx