The Magic of this Space; The Magic that got to Me.

Livingstone Cafe & Bakery
Jl. Petittenget No. 88, Kerobokan
Bali, Indonesia
+62 361 4735949

When I first laid eyes on the minimalistic, black-framed, windows, exteriors of the cafe, I told myself, "This is it." As a pillion of my husband who was on his first day on a scooter, I squeezed his shoulders all-too-excitedly and told him the same - "This is it. This is how I pictured it to be." Yes, you probably got it right. "It" refers to the cafe that we've both conceptualised in our heads, that we both hope to own and run, in the years to come. Nothing new, we just belong to one of those Gen-Ys that seem to be popping out everywhere, deciding that we are more than our day-jobs, and what is more entrepreneurial and self-actualising, than to open yet another coffee spot churning out another insta-worthy brunch set. But I digress. When we stepped into Livingstone, and had a look around, I remembered telling myself that, now, I do not have an excuse not to blog anymore. 

Perhaps it was the communal space, with high ceilings and full-length windows that did it for me. It probably didn't help that it happened to be the gorgeous "Golden Hour" when we were there. Either way, it was the architecture of this cafe, that made me fully immerse myself in the moment, taking in the thought and detail that went into constructing a space so calming and so organic. The owner certainly did know how to take advantage of the natural lighting, making full use of the full-length windows and sun-spot in the middle of the building, creating a space so filled with light and nature. 

That was my first full day in Bali, and the first time that I actually got to see a cafe, away from the main Kuta and Seminyak district. Over my time spent on the island, I realised that cafes like the Livingstone are dime-a-dozen, offering (mostly) tourists a gorgeous spot to rest their feet, read a book, or catch up on their emails, tapping into the free-wifi-zone. But there is something so special, about this space, and I guess, that is the magic of this space. The magic that got to me. 

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